5 Reasons to Learn the Language of Your Industry or Market

In any industry, there is a language. Have you taken the time to learn it? As business leaders or professionals, we are likely to change industries or markets a few times. Don’t get lulled into thinking that all you need to know is marketing and the company technical experts will handle all the language. If […]

Just because you don’t like to do it, doesn’t mean it’s not part of your job

I hear non-stop from well-spoken leaders and writers about choosing a job where I’ll love my work. By doing something that I am passionate about, I will be happy and fulfilled. Yay, rainbows and happy people abound! In reality, there is more to a job than just the stuff you love. Even within a role […]

Sara Paisner Interview by the American Chemical Society on Entrepreneurship

Published on Nov 21, 2014 —
After years of working as a bench chemist, Sara Paisner found a growing passion in business, leading her to earning an MBA, starting a startup business, and now as Director of Marketing with Portfolio Decisions, Inc. Watch as Paisner shares her unusual path to business and some lessons learned for startup businesses.

Speaking the Language of Marketing to Executives – Or Not

Your CEO doesn’t care about your SEO data.  When I have conversations with fellow marketers, we often fall into the lingo of marketing. We talk about SEO and CPC and then we ask each other if we’ve figured out the website CSS or found a new framework for the next marketing campaign. If you’re a marketer, […]