Hope is Not a Strategy

“Hope is not a strategy.” — Jim Hyler Jr, the former CEO of First Citizens BankHope is not a strategy

During a leadership course I once attended, we had the privilege of listening to Jim Hyler Jr, the former CEO of First Citizens Bank, as he shared some of the insights gathered during his career. Jim spoke on the importance of leadership within any organization and focused specifically on the value of having a plan and a strategy to achieve goals. In particular he made two comments that have stayed with me:

  1. Never assume
  2. Hope is not a strategy

These are two simple recommendations but can have lasting impact for leaders. I’ve certainly been burned by assuming things. And I know I’ve hoped for things without actually planning for them. To achieve goals requires a strategy, defined by Dictionary.com as “A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” Without a plan of action, hoping and assuming will not achieve goals.

As Jim said, hope is not, and never should be, a strategy.


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