Share Your Team Building Stories!

Team building funTeam building can be good or bad, fun or boring, relevent or simply awful

What good or bad team building events have you participated in? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Once I went whitewater rafting on the South Fork of the American River with 8 or so members of the sales team. One of the best team building exercises as I had a chance to see my colleagues deal with challenging situations. We all got a better understanding of each other, and it was a ton of fun.
  • Another time we had a group lunch where the manager ordering pork BBQ for lunch. There were two vegetarians in the group, and a person who didn’t eat pork. They each received a soggy vegetarian sub sandwich for lunch. Way to single out some members of the team instead of building up the team! Neither fun nor ‘team building’.
  • I have to include the many icebreaker games I’ve played over the years as a team building effort. Everything from matching names and hobbies to figuring out scientific nomenclature (from my chemistry days) to sharing name, rank, and random factoids around a table.

So share with us your favorite (or least favorite) team building experiences!

I bet there are some great ones out there. And hopefully we can learn from both the successes and failures for our own future team building plans.


“Team building seeks to enhance team cohesiveness and performance to improve business results.” —Anne Thornley-Brown, M.B.A. @executiveoasis

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