The 6 Areas of An Ethical Code

Do you have an ethical code?

Just like a company has a its mission, values, and vision, each of us should have our own ethical code and vision for our future. Having a plan helps us clarify in our own minds where we want to go, and what types of choices we’re going to make when an opportunity presents itself. What is your ethical code? I’ve shared mine below.

My ethical code

  1. Innovation – I value innovation highly in my work and within companies. Everyone has opportunities for innovation no matter what role you have in an organization.
  2. Integrity – My integrity is important to me and I would not want to work for a company where my integrity is not valued.
  3. Quality products – I want to make sure that my work products are of the highest quality. I don’t choose to settle for ‘good enough’
  4. Respect – I want to work in an environment where my colleagues and I have mutual respect for each others’ values
  5. Courage –I value the ability to be courageous about making hard decisions as necessary. Having the courage to admit mistakes is an important principle for me as well.
  6. Leadership – I want to show leadership in all that I do. I especially want to lead by example as I think it is the strongest way to lead.

What is your ethical code? Share what is important to you in the comments below.


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