The Top 6 Reasons Marketing Goals Matter

Have you ever had a manager ask you to work on a project and you don’t know why? Or had an executive share a goal and think to yourself that it doesn’t align with what you’ve been working on? Or had projects that seemed to conflict with each other?

This can happen when the marketing team doesn’t have goals aligned with corporate goals. And the misalignment most often happens when the marketing team hasn’t developed its own goals. Here are 6 reasons why having marketing goals will help everyone on the team.

1. Goals give purpose. Without goals, your team won’t necessarily know why they are working on particular projects. With a reason, projects can seem irrelevant or unimportant.

2. Goals help you prioritize. Having concrete goals helps team members to know how to prioritize tasks. The departmental goals help managers make decisions on project priority as well.

3. Goals give managers and staff the ability to say ‘no’. Without goals, saying ‘no’ to a task or project that comes from random sources can be difficult, but when goals are clear, if a project doesn’t fit, then saying no is both easier and necessary to keep everyone aligned.

4. Goals provide clarity of vision. By understanding goals, each team member knows the purpose of any project, and gives a shared vision for the future. Having a shared visions also provides a shared sense of responsibility.

5. Goals create drive. Unless you know why you’re working on a project or task, it can sometimes be hard to get motivated. No one likes busywork. Have goals helps everyone on the team understand the purpose which can lead to personal motivation.

6. Goals drive results. People will drive to achieve results and providing clear goals gives your team a finish line for which to strive.

Create goals for your marketing team. Avoid the misalignment that can be created by lack of goals. Success comes from making the most of your and your team’s time. Enable your team to make most effective use of their time.

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on 4-28-2015 by Sara Paisner

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