About Sara

Sara Paisner Marketing ConsultingSara is an entrepreneurial marketing professional focused on marketing strategy, customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer engagement by using online marketing, online customer acquisition and retention, e-commerce, web analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, and social media. Sara is passionate about marketing technically complex products. I have developed marketing collateral and developed marketing and business strategy for technology as various as executive management consulting, software, electronics materials, healthcare services, and LED lighting fixtures. As the marketing director for a small company, I have worked on every aspect of marketing, from the strategic to the tactical, and have worked closely with every part of the company.

Sara has a drive to take great products to market. My science background gives me a unique perspective on business development, marketing, and sales for technological products, and my ability to communicate between scientists, engineers, executives and the public allows me to help translate exciting technology into customer relevant products. My experience in project management and Stage Gate Processes to bring products from R&D to market gives me insight into the necessary processes and tools for product development and innovation which helps me create the right kind of marketing collateral to drive sales.

My specialties are:

Marketing, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, digital and social media, digital and online marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website and social media analytics, business strategy, global marketing, financial modeling, technical marketing, project management, product development, technology generation, technical vision, customer interactions, and business development. And of course, I’ve learned just enough html and CSS to be dangerous.

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