5 Reasons to Learn the Language of Your Industry or Market

In any industry, there is a language. Have you taken the time to learn it? As business leaders or professionals, we are likely to change industries or markets a few times. Don’t get lulled into thinking that all you need to know is marketing and the company technical experts will handle all the language. If […]

Speaking the Language of Marketing to Executives – Or Not

Your CEO doesn’t care about your SEO data.  When I have conversations with fellow marketers, we often fall into the lingo of marketing. We talk about SEO and CPC and then we ask each other if we’ve figured out the website CSS or found a new framework for the next marketing campaign. If you’re a marketer, […]

Top 10 Things to Remember When Communicating Across Cultures

Cross cultural communication is hard There, I said it. For anyone who thinks it isn’t, you’re done. You can skip the rest of this blog since you clearly know everything there is to know about every culture. This blog is for the rest of us. I grew up in Japan, lived in France, speak 3 […]