What are Your Two Most Favorite Social Media Sites for Business?

Social media sites for business are many and varied, which two are your favorite? Let us know your thoughts! ———————————————— Connect with me on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter (@SaraPaisner), via email, or on Facebook.

4 Recent Improvements to LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently updated its system with the following changes New Menu Bar:LinkedIn has changed its menu bar to simplify the site and update the site’s look. Now, there is a two-level menu that hides the extra options when not in use. It’s more streamlined, but a couple of items have become harder to find, such […]

4 Key Learnings From a Google Adwords Campaign

What we did Our small B2B start-up ran a Google Adwords campaign as part of our marketing efforts recently. We had mixed results, but learned a lot about the Google Adwords tools. I thought I’d share our goals, results and takeaways as a way to help any company like ours (small B2B services start-up) that is considering […]

LinkedIn is Best Social Media Choice for Small B2B Businesses

As a small business owner and entrepreneur with limited time, I’ve had to decide , what type of social media to focus on. While there are many different types (see this Mega-Social Landscape info-graphic), only a few are dominant. So my suggestion is to focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and possibly Google+. Social media is a […]

3 Areas of Focus for Digital Marketing

Over the course of learning about digital marketing, I have identified three key areas of importance within any digital marketing strategy. Over the next few weeks I will be addressing each area in more detail, but here are these key areas now: Overarching Concepts Search engine optimization (SEO) and the need for ease of website usability Importance […]