The 6 Areas of An Ethical Code

Do you have an ethical code? Just like a company has a its mission, values, and vision, each of us should have our own ethical code and vision for our future. Having a plan helps us clarify in our own minds where we want to go, and what types of choices we’re going to make […]

Share Your Team Building Stories!

Team building can be good or bad, fun or boring, relevent or simply awful What good or bad team building events have you participated in? Here are a few of my favorites: Once I went whitewater rafting on the South Fork of the American River with 8 or so members of the sales team. One […]

5 Tips for Effective Strategic Planning Sessions

Rapid growth companies have to start planning strategically When your company starts to grow rapidly, things can start changing pretty darn fast. So how do you, as the leader or executive team, keep things under control? Strategic planning is the key according to Bob Bicksler as he shared during a lecture on what is necessary […]